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23rd February 2010

Lose The Labels Campaign

Alex T Smith worked closely with AMV, to create a picture book to be used in an animated viral for the charity Gingerbread. The viral shows a child and parent turning the pages of Alex’s illustrated picture book; in contrast to the words read aloud, the pictures depict how hard the single parent works to keep her family together.

“Gingerbread works nationally and locally, for and with single parent families, to improve their lives. They try to achieve change and challenge the single parent stereotype by providing support services.

The key issue is that single parenthood is ‚Äòa fact‚Äô. Research shows that the vast majority of kids growing up in single parent families do fine, but rather than applaud these parents for trying to do the job of two, we stereotype them ‚Äì especially single mums.” From the Gingerbread website.

Alex’s subtle illustrations help to educate against these stereotypes. See his illustrations in more detail here in a pictorial version of the viral.

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