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21st February 2020

Anna Gain and The Same 60 Seconds Illustrated by Steve May

The dynamic duo that is Guy Bass and Steve May are back with their latest fiction collaboration…

Anna Gain and the Same 60 Seconds.. OUT NOW and published by Barrington Stoke 


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Ever-punctual Anna Gain is never late, and she’s certainly never late for the school bus. Every day she catches it in perfect time. But not today. After a series of absurd events cause Anna to miss the bus, she’s transported one minute back in time – only to be stuck re-living the same sixty seconds again … and again … and again … Is fate trying to teach Anna a lesson? And will she ever escape? A laugh-out-loud and punny take on ‘Groundhog Day’ from a top-notch author-illustrator pairing, particularly suitable for struggling, reluctant or dyslexic readers aged 8+

Grab a copy of this and their previous titles HERE 

With a gaggle of illustrated fiction titles under their belts this brilliantly matched author illustrator team go from strength to strength. Steve’s anarchic scratchy illustrations leap off the page and his skill for creating highly animated  human and animal characters bring a new layer of dynamic life to Guys brilliantly funny stories. Illustrated throughout these books have been specially developed by Barrington Stoke to provide accessible and entertaining reads for reluctant and dyslexic readers and the balance of illustrations alongside text on each page is carefully balanced to provide a non intimidating reading experience.

A dare devil from the beginning Steve May spent his formative years in Hastings doodling, causing mayhem and injuring himself in interesting ways. From the sunny south coast Steve was drawn to the more temperate climbs of Nottingham where he studied fine art and filmmaking.

After a brief career break in an unsuccessful pop band Steve embarked on an MA in animation at the Royal College of Art, bringing him to the vibrant streets of London where he has worked and resided ever since. You can view Steve’s online portfolio HERE or for more crazy banter than you can shake a stick at follow him in Instagram and Twitter.

Here are a selection of our favourite illustrations from Anna Gain and the Same 60 Seconds , we think you’ll agree they are pretty chuckle inducing.


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19th February 2020

New Fabio Flamingo Book illustrated by Emily Fox

Deploy your armbands and rubber rings we are taking a trip to Lizard Lake with the one and only Fabio..

Laura James and Emily Fox have come up trumps with a brand new crime-fighting adventure, Fabio the Worlds Greatest Flamingo Detective; Peril at Lizard Lake published by Bloomsbury Publishing 

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This is Fabio’s third adventure and you’ll definitely need to pour yourself a pink lemonade, this is his most perilous case yet.

In a small town on the banks of Lake Laloozee lives Fabio, the world’s greatest flamingo detective. He’s not tall or strong, but slight and pink. And he’s very, very clever … Most of the time. But when an unusual lapse of judgement leads Fabio to accept a ride in his associate Gilbert’s plane, little does he know he’ll be nose-diving into a new mystery!

When the tiny plane crash-lands near a remote village in the savannah, all Fabio wants is a pink lemonade to calm his nerves. But the town well has dried up, and the water didn’t just disappear on its own! Fabio’s on the case, and it’s going to take a daring sting operation to set things right.

Grab a copy HERE 

Here is a neon-tastic selection of some of our favourite Fabio illustrations.

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It’s not just us that are Fabio Fans, check out these lovely reviews…..


“Oodles to appeal to animal fans and young crime lovers alike” –  Bookseller

“A welcome addition to the bookshelf” –  Carousel Magazine

“Fab illustrations and neon-coloured pages” –  Angels and Urchins

“Even reluctant readers will have a blast” –  Irish Times


Brimming with delightful neon highlighted illustrations this jazzy stylish series will have huge appeal to readers of all ages eager to crack the case. Emily’s cast of critters will charm and delight Fabio fans leading readers ripping through these books keen for the next adventure.

You can see more of Emily’s work by visiting her online portfolio HERE or following her on Twitter.


Read an extract HERE



13th February 2020

Get Spooky with Demelza & the Spectre Detectors

Get ready for a brilliantly inspiring new heroine from the pen of debut author and actress Holly Rivers with this fantastic cover illustration by Alex T. Smith… Appearing mysteriously like a spook from the other side we present Demelza and the Spectre Detectors published by Chicken House Books.

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Screwdrivers and soldering irons at the ready you are about to meet Demelza Clock, a kid with a passion for inventing. In fact, she loves it so much that she stays up late to work on her inventions, fuelled by nothing but enthusiasm and cheese and peanut butter sandwiches.

‘Lights out, Demelza!’ called Grandma Maeve from the bottom of the attic stairs. ‘And no sneakin’ out of bed to work on your inventions again tonight, d’ya hear me?’
Under her patchwork quilt, with soldering iron in hand and fully dressed in her lab coat, Demelza grinned. ‘Yes Grandma!’ she called back. ‘I promise!’

We join Demelza at a very interesting time, as she’s about to discover she has inherited a distinctly unscientific skill from her grandmother: Spectre Detecting. When Grandma Meave is kidnapped these newfound talents prove very handy in summoning the dead and with the help of her pasty-faced best friend Percy they attempt to crack this deadly mystery.

Read a longer extract HERE … if you dare…

This highly entertaining debut novel features page embellishments and a stunning eye-catching cover illustrated by Alex T Smith

After many years spent honing his world-class skills in people-watching, Alex T. Smith turned his hand to illustration, graduating from Coventry University in 2006 with a 1st Class Honours Degree. His passion for gazing out of windows has strongly influenced the eclectic, diverse and fun-filled characters that inhabit the pages of his books.

As a true master of both storytelling and illustration, Alex has created a clutch of best-selling and award-winning books for children. His skill for bringing characters to life makes Alex the perfect choice for action-packed publishing projects, we think you’ll agree that the cover for Demelza and the Spectre Detectors makes the book leap off the shelf and straight into the hands of eager adventure seekers.

With Alex’s portly pooch Claude becoming a huge hit stealing the limelight in his very own animated TV series on Disney Junior and ITV Be, we look forward to seeing more wonderful book to screen transitions from Alex’s cast of characters very soon.

You can find out more about Alex T. Smith and his work on his online portfolio HERE or follow him on Twitter for a daily dose of hilarity.

6th February 2020

Debut Picture Book by Graham Carter Shortlisted For The Waterstones Children’s Book Prize

We are thrilled to announce that Graham Carter has been shortlisted by Waterstones for their famous Children’s Book Prize.

Graham’s debut picture book, Otto Blotter Bird Spotter was published in hardback in October and the paperback is just released with a new cover design this month by Andersen Press.


Congratulations! Look out for more news in March and we’ll be keeping our fingers crossed.


3rd February 2020

Levi Pinfold visits the UK to celebrate Happy Potter Book Night

Excitement levels reach fever pitch this week as we celebrate the 6th annual Harry Potter Book Night, this particular celebration will be like no other as we welcome Harry Potter illustrator and Kate Greenaway Medal winner Levi Pinfold to the UK for a week long tour of events.
In case you missed it you can read more about Levi’s work on the covers for the latest celebratory editions of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire published by Bloomsbury HERE 
Levi will be doing three exclusive events in Bath, Coventry and London. He will be talking about his inspiration behind bringing some of the best-loved Harry Potter characters and places to life, as well as chatting about his process and other work. Levi will be joined by Jonny Duddle at the London event which is the first time both artists have done an event together.
This is a wonderful opportunity to hear from a world-class artist about the delights of working on J.K. Rowling’s magical world. Levi will sign books at all the events and free prints will be made available. We look forward to seeing you there.
You can book your tickets for each event at the below links:

Bath (Tue 4th Feb) – https://www.thebathhive.co.uk/new-events/levipinfold

Coventry (Wed 5th Feb) – https://www.albanytheatre.co.uk/levi-pinfold

London – (Thu 6th Feb) – https://www.waterstones.com/events/harry-potter-book-night-with-levi-pinfold-and-jonny-duddle/london-piccadilly-84230
For more information about Levi or Jonny’s work please email us info@arenaillustration.com 
And as a special treat, here’s a sneak peak at the interior portraits for each House Edition of Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire.