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17th April 2019

Discover Story World with Aleksei Bitskoff

This Easter holiday hundreds of families will visit the Discover Children’s Story Centre in Stratford.

At the very heart of the centre, is the magical Story World zone which is a specially created play space designed to inspire children’s curiosity and imagination. A fabulous team of dedicated Story Builders guide children and families through the space and encourage them to create their own stories.

We are thrilled to announce that the Story World space has been revamped and refreshed this season, inspired by the work of Arena illustrator Aleksei Bitskoff.

From Aleksei’s initial concepts and a back catalogue of character designs, the team at Discover developed a steampunk theme which was the perfect inspiration for this interactive space. Aleksei has created imagined cities within the clouds, flying machines, alien planets and caves to explore, stained glass windows to gaze through and spinning character builders to jumble.

We are proud supporters of our neighbours at Discover and this amazing project has been fascinating to watch evolve and unfold, from concept to completion. The project has involved a huge team of enthusiastic creatives working together to take Aleksei’s illustrations and transform them into a series of immersive and engaging experiences, we salute you!


Here are some of Aleksei’s designs…



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We adore these stunning stained glass windows which look directly out on to the garden and cast an atmospheric glow across the event space.







Here are some photos of Aleksei visiting Story World for the very first time, it’s fair to say he was pretty impressed with how everything turned out.

View Aleksei’s online portfolio HERE or follow him on Twitter and Instagram

Book you DAY PASS at Discover HERE.

























































Stay tuned for news about our amazing illustrator events program at Discover this summer! It’ll certainly be a day to remember.

4th April 2019

Adventure Duck! Illustrated by Aleksei Bitskoff

There’s no ducking out, it’s time to be a hero, so dust off your cape and put your super pants on because Adventure Duck has landed and he’s up against his nemesis and evil super villain Power Pug in …(shouted in block buster movie voice over tones…)



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Written by legendary Steve Cole and illustrated by the bonkers brain that is Aleksei Bitskoff. Adventure Duck is a brand new series of illustrated fiction stories for newly emerging readers published by Orchard Books and one set to be a huge hit with readers of all ages.

It seemed like a standard day in the park when an unexpected meteor hit the pond with consequences no one could have predicted, least of all Duck! After an intense zen conversation with a strange egg with a moustache named Yoki the Wise Duck discovers he has some mega super powers… unfortunately so does his evil nemesis Power Pug and so they em’bark’ on an epic and hilarious battle for supremacy.

Adventure Duck illustrated by Aleksei Bitskoff

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Adventure Duck illustrated by Aleksei Bitskoff


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Adventure Duck illustrated by Aleksei Bitskoff

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Adventure Duck illustrated by Aleksei Bitskoff


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With moody bench-cows, neon ninja zebras and pugs in three piece suits, this book will have you rolling around on the floor with laughter and looking skyward hoping for the next meteor.

This book will QUACK YOU UP! grab a copy HERE


View Aleksie’s online portfolio HERE or follow him on Instagram and Twitter

Adventure Duck illustrated by Aleksei Bitskoff

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29th March 2019

Building Worlds With Our NEW SHOWCASE PORTFOLIO!

It’s that exciting time of year again, the moment we get to reveal our new showcase brochure featuring some of the amazing work our illustrators have been busily beavering away on.

This season we have focused on world-building and character creation, mirroring some of the recent successes some of our brands have had on the small screen.


Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 11.50.38

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In 2018 and 2019 we have celebrated great successes transitioning from the page to TV with a number of our favourite characters striking major television deals. You may have seen Alex T Smith’s Claude pottering about on Disney Junior, or Chris Garbutt’s Pinky Malinky causing meaty mayhem on Netflix, all these alongside Jonny Duddle’s team of Jurassic adventurers in Gigantosaurus on Disney Junior, and there’s more to come (but that’s all TOP SECRET!)


Claude animation by Sixteen SouthMV5BZmVmYTY4YjItZWFhOC00ZWI2LTg1ZGUtZjM4OGVkNWMyYmZiXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNjQzMTcwNTU@._V1_gigantosaurus

Inspired by these and many more we have decided to showcase illustration work that reflects our recent successes and how our illustrator’s significant talents in the fields of character design, world-building and creating story concepts can transition into successful books and big brands.


Within the pages of this portfolio you will be enchanted by Ori an endearing space creature with a talent for making stars, spot keen ornithologist Otto Blotter, Bird Spotter, take part in the Space Chase or win the Space Race. Blast off in to space with Super Rabbit Boy and take to the stage with Matt Millz.  We also have a thought provoking  Planet Full of Plastic and a bone shaking School Bus of Horrors! Take a break and make a Rainy Day Rocket, pop in and visit The Pirates Next Door and follow Mr. Penguin on a perilous mission to The Fortress of Secrets. Discover Story World and choose your house colours in the wizarding world of Harry Potter, all this and so much more.

We hope you find this taster portfolio inspiring and look forward to working with you. Do drop us a line for more information or to receive a copy of our new brochure. Click HERE to view the full digital portfolio.

portfolio 2019 banner small








27th March 2019

The Unlucky Eleven illustrated by Steve May is pitch perfect.

Unlucky Eleven

Kick start the summer with The Unlucky Eleven, a hilarious fun-filled footy adventure written by lovely Hull City super fan Phil Earle and illustrated by madcap pencil maestro Steve May.

It’s GAME ON for the Saint’s football team but jinxed with ridiculous injuries, strange illnesses and cancelled games it seems as though everything’s going wrong this season, fortunately Stanley’s team-mates believe they finally know why. Their football kit is cursed!

The team’s attempts to break the curse take things from bad to worse. Stanley’s still got some tricks up his sleeve … but will his curse-cracking ideas save the team in time for the last game of the season?

Here are some of our favourite Steve May illustrations, we think you’ll agree they are packed with character and really bring this brilliant story to life.

Unlucky-Eleven_Steve May

The Unlucky Eleven publishes in June with Barrington Stoke, pre order a copy HERE 

View Steve May’s online portfolio HERE or follow him on Twitter and Instagram

Here’s a photo of Steve with his special advanced copy, he looks pretty excited about it right!


Screen Shot 2019-03-27 at 13.24.42

20th March 2019

Fabio The World’s Greatest Flamingo Detective strikes again!

TOOT TOOT, get dressed in your best finery and grab your train tickets, it’s time to board the Ostrich Express. Fabio the World’s Greatest Flamingo Detective is still pink, still clever, still on the case and he’s back with a mystery to solve.

Presenting Fabio the World’s Greatest Flamingo Detective Mystery on the Ostrich Express written by Laura James and Illustrated by Emily Fox.



It’s the height of summer and Fabio and his associate Gilbert are taking a relaxing holiday on the fastest train in the world! As the Ostrich Express belts across the desert at break neck speed a very expensive ruby necklace disappears so the great detective is back and on the case! Are bandits to blame or is someone not quite what they seem?…Whoever the culprit may be they will have to be pretty smart to outwit Fabio!

This is the second instalment in a triumphant and bedazzling fiction series for younger readers. Illustrated throughout by supremely talented Emily Fox, the illustrations highlighted in neon pink and orange pop off the pages and the characterisation of the cast of crazy critters is oscar worthy. Delightfully action packed  bite sized chapters will have eager book worms and puzzle solvers gasping for more as this rip roaring adventure unfolds.

“Oodles to appeal to animal fans and young crime lovers alike” –  Bookseller

Fabio Characters

If you missed it there’s also book one in the series… Fabio The World’s Greatest Flamingo Detective The Case of the Missing Hippo, read a review HERE or revisit our blog post HERE 

The Fabio stories are published by Bloomsbury you’ll be able to get your mitts on a copy of this brand new Fabio story from the 4th April, available in all good book shops and libraries or alternatively order a copy HERE

Check out Emily’s online portfolio HERE or keep up to date by following her on Instagram and Twitter