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22nd September 2015

Levi Pinfold Liquidator Cover Artwork

David Fickling Books asked Levi Pinfold to create this striking cover artwork for Andy Mulligan‘s new book, Liquidator. The art director, ¬†Alison Gadsby knew that Levi would be able to create an unusual image to capture the intrigue of this new action-packed thriller by the best-selling author of Trash.

‘Liquidator! The brand-new, delicious and wildly popular energy drink. “For those who wanna win!” The company that makes it is set to earn a fortune, with it’s global launch climaxing at an international rock concert that will shake the planet. The only problem? An innocent child is dying. Meet Vicky and her class-mates – their work experience is about to spin totally out of control as they uncover a secret that could change the world. And out them all in mortal danger…”

Published by David Fickling Books on 1st October 2015.

Liquadator Cover illustration by Levi Pinfold

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