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22nd May 2018

Philip Hood Portfolio

Philip Hood has an incredibly detailed and representational style and has worked in many different areas of illustration, from decorative paintings, wall murals, caricatures and even commissions to create copies of 17th century Dutch paintings (all perfectly legal).

His murals can be seen in the UK, Ireland, Denmark, Turkey and Abu Dhabi and his experience working for humourous magazines has led to drawing caricatures at corporate events.

Philip is very successful in publishing and has illustrated numerous books for major UK and American publishers, including classic fiction, The Thirty-Nine StepsDiary of a Nobody and children’s non fiction, such as Pop-Up Space Shuttle. Philip was shortlisted for the 2009 Royal Watercolour Society Sunday Times Prize, exhibited at Bankside Gallery, London.

Clients include:
BBC Active, Caspian Publishing, Constable & Robinson, Egmont Children’s Books, Faber & Faber, Orpheus Books, Oxford University Press, Penguin Books, Simon & Schuster, Templar Publishing, The Pleasant Company (US), Transworld.




Vintage shop Portrait



Girl in a White Dress Painting



Pop-Up Space 2000 The front cover of the 3D space shuttle



Ancient Greece A personal piece



Shipwreck The lifetime of a ship – commissioned by Orpheus Books.



Etruscan Frieze Commissioned by 1576 Advertising in Edinburgh.



Blighted Cliffs & Chains Of Albion Book covers for Bantam.



Hotel Drawing of Claridges in London used on a book cover



Lisbon Rooftops



Arab Interior In the orientalist style.



London Pubs Line and watercolour.



Intercontinental Hotel Mural Antalya, Turkey.



Native American Animals



Tiger Signage for Ecopark in Devon.



Animals Used in a holiday brochure for P&O Cruises.



British Bulldog Part of a wall chart of dog breeds.



Full colour illustrated book



Anna Banana Portrait of a children’s entertainer, exhibited at The Sunday Times Watercolour Exhibition.



Quests & Adventures (Story Worlds Cards) Published by Templar.



Quests & Adventures (Story Worlds Cards) Published by Templar.



Quests & Adventures (Story Worlds Cards) Published by Templar.



The New Albert Hall Exhibited at the AOI’s “A View of London” show, hosted at London Transport Museum.



Tom Morley Scritti Politti Portrait Painting


Vicky Ogden

Vicky Ogden Portrait Painting





22nd May 2018

The Family Series by Enid Blyton, Illustrated by Aleksei Bitskoff

In plenty of time for the summer holidays we present classic, fun-filled family holiday adventure from one of the world’s best storytellers, Enid Blyton!

The Family Series The Queen Elizabeth Family and The Buttercup Farm Family illustrated by Aleksei Bitskoff publish with Egmont on the 31st May.

Aleksei Bitskoff illustrates Enid Blyton's Family Series

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Mike, Ann and Belinda have heard all about how exciting the big cities in America are with their hustle and bustle – and enormous plates of delicious food! And so when they find out that they are to travel on the big and glamorous ocean liner The Queen Elizabeth to New York, they can’t quite believe their luck!

What adventures lie in store them . . .

For a idyllic rural adventure try The Buttercup Farm Family and spend six whole spring and summer months in a caravan, on the beautiful Buttercup Farm.

With every creature you could possibly imagine from the noisy ducks and chickens to the enormous cows and horses and even gorgeous baby lambs, the Buttercup Farm family are in for a world of adventure, mischief and fun!

Both books feature numerous characterful internal illustrations by Aleksei Bitskoff which bring the stories to life making these middle grade adventure filled reads perfect for newly independent readers.

Also available:

The Caravan Family – Read our post about this book HERE 

The Seaside Family


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To find our more about Aleksei’s work visit his website HERE or follow him on Instagram HERE



Aleksei Bitskoff is an Estonia-born British contemporary illustrator, character designer and children books illustrator, creating books for publishers such as Oxford University Press, Templar Publishing, Andersen Press and Scholastic among others.

Born in Estonia he showed an early interest in drawing, a passion his parents supported. With their encouragement he was administered to the school of Arts at the age of 10.

Aleksei Bitskoff’s work has a unique sense of humour and he uses a line to shape forms, spaces and characters.






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15th May 2018

Journeys of Discovery Illustrated by Frances Castle

Pack your compass, some comfortable shoes and a bar of Kendal mint cake it’s time to embark on an epic journey of discovery from the comfort of your reading chair.  Meet inspirational adventurers and iconic historical figures from all across the globe in this action packed non-fiction adventure …but be sure to keep your eyes peeled there are some tricky mistakes deliberately hidden in each spread ready to baffle even the most keen-eyed of explorers.

Young thrill seekers will be enthralled by the exotic east, agog in the Amazon and utterly star struck as they shoot into space, engaging with the likes of Marco Polo and Captain Robert Scott.  This fusion of non-fiction and interactive elements is a brilliant balance of historical educational facts and fun engaging puzzle elements.



Illustrated by Frances Castle, written by Amanda Wood and Mike Jolley Spot The Mistake Journeys of Discovery publishes with Wide Eyed Editions on the 3rd July. Pre-order HERE now.

(Here is a sneak peek at our stunning advance copy perching atmospherically amongst the ferns.)

Journeys of Discovery

Frances Castle has created a striking series of bold, colour rich spreads covering an eclectic range of environments and scenarios. Each illustration packed with detail just crying out to be explored, from the lush green mountains of New Zealand to the majestic silk lined court of warlord Kublai Khan complete with lions and tigers, this book becomes more and more fascinating with each turn of the page.

Follow Frances on Twitter or visit her on Instagram, she also has a lovely website which you can find HERE.

For more information about Frances and her work drop us a line.


Journeys of Discovery


Journeys of Discovery


Journeys of Discovery


Also in this series Lands of Long Ago – Grab a copy HERE!

‘This large, lively book taps into children’s delight in gloating over grownup errors, encouraging critical scrutiny along the way.’ The Guardian



9th May 2018

Steve May: Cheese From Dimension Pong

Cheese From Dimension Pong - illustrated by Steve May

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Dynamic duo, Steve May and author Gareth P. Jones are back with another hilarious book, the fifth in the Pet Defenders series: Cheese From Dimension Pong published by Stripes.

This madcap adventure reunites our secret agents, Biskit and Mitzy when a cluster of alien cheeses appear in Nothington-on-Sea determined to make Earth their new home.

Interior illustration by Steve May for Cheese From Dimension Pong by Gareth P. Jones

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Their pungent pong smells so bad that it’s knocking everyone out – leaving the victims in a cheesy nightmare stuck in Dimension Pong!

Interior illustration by Steve May for Cheese From Dimension Pong by Gareth P. Jones

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Even Biskit is knocked out by the horrendous stink but thanks to Mitzy’s quick thinking and a very smelly awakening, the partners discover that the cheeses are being pursued…

Interior illustration by Steve May for Cheese From Dimension Pong by Gareth P. Jones

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… by a giant Quasar Mouse, so big that the alien cheeses smell has no effect on it except to make it even hungrier!

Interior illustration by Steve May for Cheese From Dimension Pong by Gareth P. Jones

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Will Mitzy and Biskit be able to return the Quasar Mouse back through the portal it came from before Nothington-on-sea is overrun by more giant mice? Will they be able to get rid of the stench by convincing The Cheese From Dimension Pong that Earth is not their Mother Home? Well, you’ll have to read the book to find out!


Interior illustration by Steve May for Cheese From Dimension Pong by Gareth P. Jones

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Steve’s illustrations leap off the pages perfectly encapsulating Gareth’s hilarious text with lots of cheesy jokes.


Steve and Gareth are at the Swindon Festival of Literature on Saturday 12th May where they will be working together, on stage, on a story. Not just any story either. They want to write The Greatest Story Never Told. They’ve got some music, some pencils, and some paper, but no ideas. Try as they might, they’ve got nothing. Zip. Zilch. Diddly squat. They need your help! Please! Book here!


1st May 2018

Arena May Calendar by Tomislav Tomic

Our calendar image for the month of May is this beautiful illustration by Tomislav Tomic from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them by J.K. Rowling for Bloomsbury.

Arena May Calendar illustrated by Tomislav Tomic

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The Phoenix is a magnificent swan-sized, scarlet bird with a long golden tail, beak and talons… Their song is magical and said to increase the courage of the pure of heart and strike fear into the hearts of the impure. Phoenix tears have powerful healing properties.

You can see more of Tomislav’s Fantastic Beast illustrations here.