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Story Time and Draw-a-Long with Adam Stower

23rd June 2020

We have a veritable feast of videos here for you from Adam Stower, author and illustrator of the amazing King Coo adventure series. Here he reads an excerpt from The Curse of the Mummy’s Gold, published by David Fickling Books and winner of the Alligator’s Mouth Awards. Read more about the award HERE.

The summer holidays having flown by, Ben Pole is back at school and there’s a new teacher, Professor Pickering with his wonky eye and a fascinating band of pupils of the Lilly Lavender Private Academy for Exceptional Girls! Not all is what it seems as Ben uncovers a plot to steal priceless golden artefacts from the local museum. Who will thwart the band of thieves and save the day? Luckily his genius friend the spear-carrying, crown wearing King Coo (with a luxuriant beard) has a plan… and, with the help of Ben and Herbert the Wombat the friends leap to the challenge.

Adam’s illustrations leap off the page and his characters are truly endearing – here’s your opportunity to draw-a-long with Adam. We start off with how to draw King Coo…

And here’s how to draw Herbert the Wombat…